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Tarrant County Elected Officials

We have identified every Tarrant County Elected Official from the White House to your House.

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Tarrant Influencers

Do you know someone that is making Tarrant County better?

Our goal is to recognize individuals who are truly "Making Tarrant County Better” in a demonstrated way that may be going unrecognized through traditional means.

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THE P.O.V. PODCAST: We talk with the people that are the culture of Tarrant County.

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Episode 6.1
Meet the Talented 10: Real Estate honorees

Episode 6.2
Larry Kemp addresses young entrepreneurs

Episode 5
Texas A&M's Thomas W. Mitchell addresses young entrepreneurs

Episode 4.1
Tarrant Influencers Machen & McClain interview

Episode 4.2
Texas Lottery Commissioner Robert Rivera interview

Episode 4.3
Commissioner Robert Rivera addresses young entrepreneurs